This registration form should be used for all athletes wanting to register for selection for the SASRU Development Squad. Registration for the Junior International Squad must be done through the International Commission website .

Although no registration fee is payable for registration for the SASRU Development Squad, a R1000 non-refundable fee will be payable by those athletes who receive an invitation to the trial weekend in March. Your ergo times for the different trials will be captured by your coach.
Athlete's Information
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Declaration by athlete:
I agree by selecting "Yes" under Agreement by Athlete on this form, that I am familiar with the SASRU Selection Policy and the RowSA code of conduct. I declare that I accept the terms of both and agree to be bound by these. I further agree to submit all data as is required by the due dates.
Agreement by athlete
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Declaration by Parent/Guardian:
I hereby give permission to my child to register with the SASRU Rowing Program and further acknowledge that should my child be successful in being selected for the SASRU squad that I will be liable and responsible for all expenses incurred by my child during his participation. I acknowledge that I am familiar with the terms of both the RowSA code of conduct as well as the SASRU Selection Policy and agree to abide by those terms.
Agreement by parent/guardian